Terms of use

Terms of use


Before you start using the site, carefully read the terms below. If you do not agree with them, do not use the Site. Take advantage of our offline stores.

This Agreement in accordance with Art. Art. 633, 641 and ch. 53 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is a public contract (offer) and is addressed to an indefinite circle of persons regardless of status (individual, legal entity, individual entrepreneur) (hereinafter referred to as the User, Buyer) wishing to purchase goods in the mygoldmaster.com online store.

Using the website mygoldmaster.com (filling out forms, applications, registration of goods, familiarization with models of goods, etc.) means you agree to the Terms of Use of the site.


Section 1. General Provisions


The site mygoldmaster.com (hereinafter “mygoldmaster.com” or “Seller” allows you to view and download materials from this site (hereinafter “Site“)) is for personal, non-commercial use only, provided you retain all copyright and other proprietary information contained in the source materials and any copies thereof.


It is forbidden to distribute or display the materials of the site in any form or use them in any other way for public or commercial purposes. Any use of these materials on other sites or on computer networks is prohibited.


These conditions may be changed by the Seller unilaterally. The new version of the conditions comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Website, unless otherwise provided.


This Agreement applies to all types of goods and services presented on the Site, as long as such offers with a description are present in the online store catalog.


Photos and presentations of the proposed products are intended solely for familiarization with specific models of products.


Section 2. Duration of the public offer


2.1. This Public Offer becomes effective from the moment of its acceptance by the Site User / Buyer and is valid until the withdrawal of the acceptance of the Public Offer.


Section 3. Registration on the site and ordering


3.1. To create orders on the Website User, the Buyer can go through the registration procedure and enter the necessary data, according to the questionnaire.


3.2. The username and password received as a result of the registration is the User, the Buyer undertakes to keep in an inaccessible place and not to disclose to third parties. Responsibility for all actions performed under his login and password on the Site is solely the User, the Buyer. In case of loss of registration data, the User, the Buyer must inform the Seller.


3.3. Filling out a registration form or a card for the formation of an Order on the mygoldmaster.com Website, the User, the Buyer voluntarily agrees to the collection and processing of his personal data by the Seller, and also agrees to provide accurate and accurate information about himself and his contact details for the Seller to fulfill its obligations delivery to the User, the Buyer of the paid goods.


3.4. The User, the Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified when registering on the Site and placing the Order, and agrees to all risks associated with the unreliability of such information.


Section 4. Confidentiality and use of personal data


4.1. Personal data of Users, Customers are processed in order to process Orders, sales and delivery of goods, as well as to ensure security in the provision of services and prevent fraud.


4.2. Personal data is used for promotional and special offers, information about promotions, sweepstakes or any other information about the activities of the site mygoldmaster.com, for other commercial purposes.


4.3. These Users, Buyers are used to provide feedback and more information about their satisfaction with the Seller’s activities, market research and other marketing research.

4.4. The Seller has the right to send information, including advertising messages to the email and mobile phone of the User, the Buyer with his consent. The User, the Buyer has the right to refuse to receive advertising and other information without explaining the reasons for refusal. Service messages informing the User, the Buyer about the Order and the stages of its processing are sent automatically and cannot be rejected by the User, the Buyer.


4.5. The user, the Buyer agrees to use the cookie technology by the Seller. Cookies do not contain personal information and cannot read the information of the user's hard drive, the Buyer. Cookies are used to improve the quality of the services provided, including: for quick identification of the User, Buyer; saving the settings of the User, the Buyer, his personal preferences, tracking of the session state of the access of the User, the Buyer and characteristic tendencies for him. The seller also uses cookies for promotional purposes, including to manage ads on websites on the Internet. If the cookie is disabled by the User, the Buyer, the Seller does not guarantee the full functionality of the mygoldmaster.com website.

4.6. The seller receives information about the ip-address of the visitor of the site mygoldmaster.com. This information is not used to identify the visitor.

4.7. The Seller is entitled to record telephone conversations with the User, the Buyer. At the same time, the Seller undertakes: to prevent unauthorized access to information obtained during telephone conversations, and / or transfer it to third parties who are not directly related to the execution of Orders, according to the Law of Ukraine of 02.10.1992 No. 2657-XII “On Information” .

4.8. The User, the Buyer gives the Seller the right to process his personal data, including: to place personal data in the Seller’s databases (without additional notification), to provide lifelong storage of data, their accumulation, update, change as necessary.

4.9. The Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the User, the Buyer on the Site in a generally accessible form.

4.10. The seller undertakes to protect data from unauthorized access by third parties. The distribution of personal data and their transfer to third parties is carried out upon request (corresponding documented) from the authorities; to protect the interests of the Seller during legal proceedings.

 Section 5. Conclusion of a contract for the sale of goods

5.1. Data on goods on the Site, their description and cost is an offer to conclude a contract for the sale.

5.2. The contract of sale of goods shall be deemed concluded from the moment the Seller issues the document to the Buyer confirming payment for the goods.

5.3. The form for confirmation of the Application is a call from the Seller from 8-00 to 19-00.

5.4. The Agreement enters into force from the moment of sending to the Buyer an electronic confirmation of acceptance of the Order when the Buyer places an Order, as well as from the moment the Order is received from the Buyer by phone.

Section 6. Cost and form of payment

6.1. The cost of delivery of each Order is calculated individually, based on the weight of the product, region and method of delivery, and is indicated on the Site at the last stage of ordering.

6.2. The price of goods is specified in hryvnias. Order amount consists of the value of the ordered goods.

6.3. The price of the goods is indicated on the Site. As for the incorrectly specified price of the goods ordered by the Buyer, the Seller informs the Buyer about this in order to confirm the Order for correction of the price or cancellation of the Order. If it is impossible to contact the Buyer during the day, this Order is considered canceled.

6.4. The price of the goods on the Site can be changed unilaterally by the Seller. In this case, the price of the goods ordered by the Buyer is not subject to change.

6.5. Payment on the Website is carried out by cash on delivery (only upon delivery to the New Post office), by non-cash payment to the account specified in the Application, or by using Visa or Mastercard credit cards.

Section 7. Delivery

7.1. Sending goods by prepayment is carried out on the day the Order is credited to the personal account. The goods are shipped by cash on delivery on the day of the formation of the Order before 16:00. In the case of the formation of the Order after 16:00 sending is carried out the next day.

7.2. Delivery is carried out within 5 days from the date of departure of the Order by the company “New Mail”.

7.3. Courier delivery of goods in the amount of 10 000 UAH at the expense of the Seller.

7.4. Informing about the delivery of goods is carried out by the company “New Mail” through an SMS-message to the phone number specified by the Buyer when placing the Order. In the SMS-message the invoice number is indicated, as well as the number of the “New Mail” department where the Order is located.

7.5. The goods are stored in the “New Mail” department for 5 days. On expiration of the specified period the Order is returned to the Seller.

7.6. Order status can be tracked at the link: novaposhta.ua/ru/tracking.

7.7. The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the goods passes to the Buyer from the moment the Order is handed over to him and the Buyer places the signature on the documents confirming the delivery of the Order.

7.8. When accepting an order from the courier of “New Mail”, the Buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods and check it for compliance with the declared quality, assortment and completeness of the goods. In the absence of claims to the delivered goods, the signature in the documents on receipt indicates that the recipient’s claims to the goods are not stated and the Seller Fully Completed his duty regarding the transfer of goods.

7.9. Courier delivery is carried out only with full prepayment.

Section 8. Return of goods - termination of the contract of sale

8.1. If the goods have not approached the Buyer, or for other reasons, the Buyer wishes to terminate the contract and return the goods ordered on the Website mygoldmaster.com, the Buyer informs the Seller about this desire by e-mail or by calling the hotline.

8.2. Return of goods by New mail. All costs for the cancellation of the Order and return of the goods are paid by the Seller

8.3. The Seller shall refund the money on the credit card from which the Buyer made the payment for the Order. Cash on delivery Seller returns through the system of return company "New Mail".

8.4. The product was NOT purchased through the Site, is not subject to return in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 172 of 03/19/1994.
Section 9. User Rights

9.1. In case of reluctance to receive newsletters about promotions, new products, etc. The User, the Buyer has the right to refuse it by sending a letter to the Seller or by phone indicated on the Site.

9.2. The User, the Buyer has the right to change / edit their personal data in the Personal Account.

Section 10. Seller’s Liability Limitations

10.1. The Seller is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the User, the Buyer when registering on the Website mygoldmaster.com and placing the Order.
10.2. The seller is under no circumstances liable for any damages arising from the use of this Site.

Section 11. Rules for the use of jewelry

11.1. Jewelry is stored in special cases in a dry dark place away from exposure to temperature and direct sunlight.

11.2. To avoid mechanical damage, scratches and tears, the products are not worn when moving heavy objects and solid objects, when playing sports and the like.

11.3. Gold products should not interact with alkaline detergents, substances that contain chlorine and iodine, creams and ointments containing mercury and its compounds, as well as other chemical reagents.

11.4. Natural gemstone requires special care.

11.5. Jewelry should be removed when busy moving heavy objects and solid objects, water procedures and during sleep to prevent deformation and loss of integrity of the product.

11.6. Products with pearls and amber poorly withstand excess moisture, heat and sunlight.